Prophet Chiza Prophesises Shocking Claim About Job Sikhala’s Mandela Dream

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A Zimbabwean prophet, identified as Prophet Richard Chiza has added his voice to the call for legislator Job Sikhala to embrace an alleged psycho-trick by the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) that frames him as the reincarnation of Nelson Mandela.


He has claimed that he received a divine interpretation to Job Sikhala, nicknamed Wiwa’s dream in which he was directed to instruct opposition leader.

During a church service, Chiza advised Sikhala to dress differently, abandoning his suits and embracing a Mandela-style of dress, acting, and speaking.

Sikhala acknowledged the prophet’s guidance and indicated that Mandela’s voice resonated in his speech as the prophet advised that he should heed this divine message by emulating Nelson Mandela’s style of dress and behavior.

According to Chiza,

“I am not prophesying, I am interpreting because I don’t want people to say Chiza prophesied, no, it’s a dream because some people say he prophesied. No, there is no prophecy. I am just interpreting the prophetic dream that Job Sikhala is looking for interpretation; is failing to…..”


These comments have sparked rumors among the public and followers alike.

Chiza’s message has attracted a lot of attention on social media, with many Zimbabweans questioning its authenticity and practicality. Some have criticized the prophet for making an outrageous claim while others have found the message amusing. Many expressed doubt that Sikhala would take such advice, pointing out that Mandela’s style could be perceived as outdated.

While the interpretation of dreams and prophetic messages is a significant part of many African cultures, Chiza’s claim has brought attention to the role of traditional beliefs in modern-day politics. Zimbabwe has a history of political unrest, and opposition leaders such as Sikhala have faced various challenges and accusations in their fight for democracy.


The attention that Chiza’s prophecy has generated has sparked debates about the intersection of politics and spirituality, the authenticity of prophetic claims, and the importance of cultural rituals and beliefs in shaping national identity.


Ultimately, whether Sikhala will follow Chiza’s advice remains to be seen, but the prophecy has highlighted the diversity of perspectives and ideas that drive political and spiritual beliefs in contemporary Africa.