‘Prophet’ Jay Israel reported to Hawks over Fraud and Human Trafficking

Religion Scandals

Controversial Bulawayo bred; South African based Prophet Jay Israel (real name Jacob Dube) has been reported to the Director General of Home Affairs, the Hawks and the South African Revenue Services over alleged crimes of fraud relating to identity documents and human trafficking.


A letter to the above by a whistleblower ,which is in possession of this publication, indicate that Dube is involved in a fraudulent illegal syndicate that smuggles illegal immigrants from Ethiopia to South Africa via Zimbabwe and also lures gullible girls from South Africa to the Middle East where they are made sex slaves.

The controversial man of the cloth has been engaged in various protracted fights against men of God in South Africa accusing them of being xenophobic against Zimbabweans.

Read the full letter below:

1. We bring to your attention the arrest of Jacob Dube, who was arrested in February 2021 on allegations of being In possession of fraudulent documents. Jacob Dube was released from police cells and continues to reside in South Africa where he is engaged In illegal activities.

2. Jacob Dube Is allegedly part of a syndicate that bribes Home Affairs officials to obtain fraudulent immigration documents from within the Department of Home Affairs. Jacob Dube has been caught on camera boasting that he is untouchable and highly connected.

3. The syndicate is also involved in Human Trafficking; they recruit young women and promise them jobs in the Middle East In countries such as the USE, Saudi Arabia among others, these young women are then turned into sex slaves

4. The syndicate also brings in illegal Ethiopian migrants, the migrants land in Zimbabwe , where they obtain Zimbabwean travel documents through Jacob Dube’s connections in Harare and Bulawayo. From there they are transported Into South Africa by road, they charge ZAR 50 000 per person for the trip.

5. We kindly request that you initiate an investigation to answer the following pertinent questions: How did Jacob Dube come into South Africa and obtain a status that allows him a long stay in South Africa ii. What business is he engaged in to sustain his lavish lifestyle Does he pay taxes for his personal income and that of his “alleged businesses”


6. Why does he surround himself with young South African women and what happens to the young women once they go on his alleged sponsored trips?


7.What is he doing In South Africa and why?

Source: Bulawayo24