Raw sewage flowing in Prince Edward School hostels, funds’ embezzlement by authorities – disgruntled parents allege


PARENTS of Prince Edward High School learners have accused authorities at the institution of embezzling funds and ignoring raw sewage flowing in the hostels.


Scores of parents who gathered at the school on Monday morning said they feared the current cholera outbreak in the capital could affect their children if the situation is not contained.


Other concerns raised by the parents included striking teachers, sodomy, bullying, drug and substance abuse, theft and poor governance by the headmaster Agrippa Sora and the School Development Committee (SDC).


Sora is reportedly under investigation by the Education Ministry for some of the allegations.


The current SDC chairperson is also accused of storing gas tanks at the school, raising fears for learners’ safety in case of an explosion.


According to some disgruntled parents, the school recorded only 22 percent pass rate in last year’s O’level ZIMSEC examinations.


The headmaster, Sora refused to attend to parents who were demanding a meeting with him, sending the deputy but nothing materialized.


When NewZimbabwe.com crew arrived at the school, police cars were parked outside the premises.


“We have no problem with the USD900 pegged fees for borders but our main concern is that our children are not being taught.


“Teachers have not been available for lessons resulting in a very low pass rate of 22% last year.


“Our children brought note books with only 2-page notes. The content covered so far for the exam classes is less than a quarter of the syllabus.


“The general hand workers allege that they have not been paid for the past four months. SDC has ignored both workers and parents’ grievances,” said Priscilla Makawa, a parent.


She added: “As parents, we cannot pay USD900 without any services being offered. We have been denied access to the hostels.


“All legal processes being taken by parents have been stifled by the headmaster and the SDC”.

The parents petitioned the Education ministry over the school’s deteriorating condition but are yet to get a response.