Rimbi Bus Kills A Person Near Eastgate Market Rimbi Bus Kills A Person Near Eastgate Market

Rimbi Bus Kills Person Near Eastgate In Harare CBD

Rimbi Bus Kills A Person Near Eastgate Market
Rimbi Bus Kills A Person Near Eastgate Market

In another sad development, a Mutare-bound Rimbi Travel and Tours bus was involved in yet another fatal accident which resulted in the death of one person on Saturday morning.


The Rimbi bus collided with a Honda Fit at the intersection of Sam Nujoma Street and Robert Mugabe Road near Eastgate in Harare’s CBD.


Some Eyewitnesses report that the Rimbi bus went through a red light, hitting the Honda Fit and killing the driver on the spot. The incident has raised concerns about the safety of public transportation in the country.


Negligence of Rimbi Tours

According to witnesses, the driver of the Rimbi Tours bus ignored the traffic light, which led to the fatal accident.


Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda, a respected lawyer who was injured in a previous accident involving a Rimbi bus, took to social media to express her disappointment with Rimbi Tours, stating that the bus company had been negligent in the past.


“No, #Rimbi iyi yatipedza. Some of us still unable to walk because of their negligence. We have lost many lives already,” she wrote on Twitter.

Calls for Licenses Revocation

Many Zimbabweans have expressed their anger and frustration with the situation. Some have called for thel government to take immediate action and revoke the licenses of Rimbi Tours and other bus companies with a history of negligent driving.


Twitter users, @paulmuchemwa2, @tidzo, and @tafadzwadoc” are among those who have voiced their opinions on social media, demanding that the government prioritize the safety of citizens on the road.


The Solution to Fix the Problem

While the government has yet to issue an official statement on the matter, many Zimbabweans are urging the authorities to take action. Some suggest that the government should provide alternative transportation options for citizens if it revokes the licenses of bus companies with a poor safety record.


“In a normal country, their licenses will be revoked, and the Gov provides an Alternative,” wrote @paulmuchemwa2 on Twitter.

This accident serves as a reminder of the importance of road safety in the country. The government and bus companies must take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of passengers and pedestrians on the road. The incident is still under investigation, and we hope that the authorities will take the appropriate action to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.