Robber Dies After Accidentally Shooting Himself During Heist

South Africa

An alleged robber unintentionally shot himself and died in the hospital.


The deceased was involved in a business robbery and burglaries of multiple homes on a plot in Vosman earlier this week, according to Mpumalanga police spokeswoman Selvy Mohlala.


According to Mohlala, the thieves demanded cash and stole a white VW Jetta as well as a safe containing an illegal handgun.

The vehicle owner was shot and died after he untied himself during the robbery.


Mohlala said while reaching for a wallet in the stolen vehicle, the deceased accidentally shot himself in the leg.

“Instead of his accomplices assisting him, they reportedly drove off, leaving him behind, bleeding profusely. The injured man was taken to hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries,” said Mohlala.

The car was later recovered after the victims chased the robbers, who then abandoned the vehicle with the safe and firearm.