SA Slay Queen Begs Robert Mugabe’s Son Chatunga To Relive Play Boy Days: “Club Scene Is Dry Without You”


South African slay queen and reality television star Eva Modika has begged former President Robert Mugabe’s son Chatunga Bellarmine to relive his playboy partying days and light up the SA club scene once again.

According to the 26-year-old, the SA club scene is now dry and dull without Chatunga Bellarmine’s bubbly personality and profligate antics.

She recalled how around 2017/2018, Chatunga and his friends washed their hands with expensive bottles of champagne.

Writing on her Instagram stories, Eva Modika wrote,


“@bellzgaeb Where the hell yall at? Sumo is boring and stuck up without yall’s vibe.

“Back in 2017/2018, we used to wash our hands with champagne.

“The club scene is needs (sic) yall personality. Really Dry, we need yall vibe, make it happen, I’m bored!”


Eva Modika was referring to the days when former President Robert Mugabe’s son became infamous for pouring expensive bottles of champagne on his even more expensive watches.

In one such incident, the younger Mugabe son made headlines worldwide when a video of him pouring champagne from a bottle of Armand de Brignac gold on his US$60 000 watch went viral.

The champagne sells for several hundred US dollars per bottle.

Chatunga Bellarmine Mugabe posted the video on Instagram in which two bottles of champagne were poured on his US$60 000 watch.

Posting the video on his Instagram feed, Chatunga captioned it:


“$60 000 on the wrist when your daddy run the whole country ya know!!!”

At the time, Chatunga Bellarmine and his older brother Tinotenda Robert Jr were well-known for their hard-partying lives of luxury.

Chatunga also repeated the champagne and watch stunt several times more.

However, after former President Robert Mugabe was deposed in November 2017, Chatunga and Robert Jr have toned down their lifestyles and largely managed to stay out of the public eye.

Eva Modika, on the other hand, recently made headlines in June after sharing photos of her stunning new body following cosmetic plastic surgery.

The slay queen shared the photos of her new body, which left very little to the imagination, on her Instagram page.

In the photos, Eva Modika showcased her new body by not wearing anything. Instead, she only used leaves to preserve her modesty.

Referring to her new body, Eva cheekily said it had no mileage on it.

The television star and club hostess revealed she got a second liposuction and Brazilian butt lift in Turkey.

This was her second cosmetic surgery in just two years. Eva’s liposuction and Brazilian butt lift cost the hostess R65 000 at The Clinique Istanbul in Turkey.