SAINTFLOEW demands US$5K for a collabo


AFRO pop singer, Nigel “Bagga weRagga” Nyagato, has revealed Saintfloew had demanded US$5 000 for a collaboration.


In a question-and-answer session on Instagram, Bagga said he approached Saintfloew’s management for a collaboration on his EP 3 Stripes, and was told to pay US$5 000 first.

Speaking through his management, Bagga said he worked on Saintfloew’s EP Sauna for no payment.

“We would have really loved to work with Saintfloew for the sake of music culture.


“Before all this, the two artists had a collaboration together on Saintfloew’s EP and went on to perform at the EP launch receiving no form of payment.


“For his own project he wanted Saintfloew to be part of it, but was told to pay US$5k.




“It’s very unfortunate that as Bagga Music, we cannot afford him at the moment, but if we could, I believe it is good for hip hop artists to work together to promote hip-hop culture,”

he said.




No response could be obtained from Saintfloew or his management at the time of going to press yesterday.




Saintfloew has transformed himself into one of the artists who have been trending in the country thanks to a number of songs which have been well received by the market.




He is also benefitting from a profile which, in recent months, has been panel beaten by those who felt he was losing his way as he battled drugs and substance abuse.

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