Seh Calaz: 5 Months After Elections, Things Have Worsened In Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwean musician Tawanda Mumanyi better known as Seh Calaz, has expressed his disappointment with the current state of affairs in Zimbabwe, five months after the 23-24 August 2023 harmonised elections. He criticises the political elites for making promises to the electorate and then disappearing to enjoy their own lives with their families.


Seh Calaz believes that these seasonal politicians will only return after five years to ask for his performance at their shows and to mobilise supporters for the next elections, without bringing any meaningful change. Seh Calaz calls on the political elites to fulfil the promises they made and address the suffering of the people.


However, he notes that speaking out against the inaction of the political elites is a dangerous thing in Zimbabwe as it is often seen as selling out. He questions the situation in which the general populace, is expected to support politicians who have not fulfilled their promises, while they struggle to make a living. He said:

5 Months after ma elections apera ,hapana chachinja patanga tiri ndipo patichingori tatodzokera kumashure ,mashefu havachabatike ,ava ma bluetik vakutensa vava too busy nekudya nemhuri dzavo ,isu takanomirira ma erekisheni anoteveraaa takufonerwa everyday kunzi hande ku toitoi mpfanha wangu huya ujambise mafans ako,and inini besides kuti i source of income handitadze kuuya nekuti kunenge kuine Mabhanditi.My question is kana zvichidaro pamuti munyoro ko wakaoma ,ko ma maghetto youths ,when we speak up tavakunzi vatengesi,zadzisai zvamakavimbisa ruzhinji .Hatisirisu takadaro ndimi maka promisa ,its just a reminder #Iwetaurisaiwe#Speakup


Zimbabwe faces numerous challenges, including economic and political crises, which have affected various sectors of the country. The health, education, and industrial sectors are struggling, while workers face low salaries and rising prices of commodities. The gap between the rich and the poor is growing, with allegations of political elites misusing national resources and leaving the common people in poverty.

Despite the government’s vision of achieving an upper-middle-income economy by 2030, there are concerns that the disparities between different socioeconomic groups will continue to widen, leaving some in prosperity while others remain in extreme poverty.