Shadaya Sides With Robert Mugabe Junior, Praises Him For Refusing To Pay A Model For A Night Stand


Controversial relationship coach Shadaya Knight is fighting in Robert Mugabe Junior’s corner after the latter made waves on social media for refusing to pay a model for her erotic services.

In a video making rounds on social media, Mugabe was seen arguing with a girl only identified as Bertha who was refusing to dress up and leave his place of residence until she was paid US$50.

Reacting to the story, Shadaya called on men to emulate Mugabe, who, despite a fortune he inherited from his father, didn’t find it worthy to splash a fifty dollar bill on a woman just because she gave him sex.

Before you simp again, think about this. Robert Jnr, son of a former president, heir to a vast fortune, an entrepreneur himself, didn’t see it worthy folking out $50 (mind you to him this is like a $1) for a one night stand. And yet there you’re folking money you don’t really have

You’re still staying at your parents’ house, in a room you may even be sharing with your little brothers, with little to no furniture. Yet you’re buying pizza, for someone because they have a vag!na. Pizza that costs same price as a bag of cement. Are you cr@zy???

Your own little sister carries an empty juice or alcohol plastic bottle on her back, playing with her agemates. Yet you’re buying expensive teddy bear for a grown up wxman to decorate her bed, all because she has a vag!na? Are you cr@zy???

Your own mother she smiles anytime she eats bread, talking about ordinary bread without any polony or ordinary margarine. Yet you’re buying someone cardbury chocolate, because she let you suck her breast for pleasure. What about your momma who let you suck hers for life???

Your own underwear looks like Kanye West designed, ripped underwear. You can’t go for a week without repeating clothes, Mr wash & wear. Yet you’re buying another grown up adult designer clothes & shoes, all because she said she loves you. Is this not f0olishness???

You have no real investment in your life, talking about shares, crypto, bonds etc. Yet monthly you’re struggling to raise money to rent love. What is the return on this investment. A few minutes of pleasure in a well that you’re not the only one drinking from. Are you m@d???

There’s nothing more sad to watch than broke young men struggling & forever remaining broke all in a bid to impress also broke b!tches. Wake up, start channelling all that money towards bettering your life, then your family’s life.

Learn or perish!!!