Simba Chikore And Bona Mugabe Own 21 Farms


Simba Chikore and his former wife, Bona Mugabe, own a total of 21 farms, which they acquired through various means such as donations, inheritance, or sole or joint ownership.


Simba disclosed this information in court papers where he is requesting an equal share of the properties acquired or given to him and Bona during their marriage. These are:


Rosam farm of 104.2335ha.

Smithfield Farm of 3280.5898ha.

Gushungo Estate/remainder of Foyle 1200ha.

Iron Mask farm 207,8205ha.

Cressy Dale 945,037ha.

Cressy Dale Lot Two 184,534ha.

Tankantara 659,98ha.

John O’Groats 669,5ha.

Lot 1 Swan dale 155,482ha.

Lot 2 Swan dale 101,84ha.

Swandale 106,361ha.

Clifford 1426ha

Vusumuzi Banket farm 3182ha

Teviotdale Kaseplan farm 310,6189ha.

Remainder of Teviotdale 186,46ha.

Buckland Estate 280ha.

Yarrow Dale Farm 2516,3358ha.

Lemon Pool 102,5766ha.

Lot B of Greater B 404,6744ha.

Benissa Farming Company 1248,8033ha.

Surtic 6385,3470ha.