Son demands to spend mom’s divorce settlement

Crimes and Courts

HARARE magistrate Tamara Chibindi yesterday dismissed a protection order being sought by a 30-year-old man, who wanted his mother to let him enjoy proceeds of her divorce from his father.

Samson Mhlanga told the court that his mother, Priscillah Makuyana, was chasing him away from their family home in Harare and hindering him from enjoying the benefits from his parents divorcing.

“The respondent is my biological mother. She is chasing me away from home yet me and my twin sister are the legal beneficiaries of that house as ordered by the court when she divorced my father,” he said.


He wanted the court to order her not to visit the house in question.


Makuyana opposed his son’s plea, and in response told Chibindi that the house was registered under the names of the twins so that it may not be sold to avoid conflict.

The court dismissed Mhlanga’s application.