South Africa: National Shutdown Update- Pictures

South Africa

It’s all systems go for the EFF’s planned national shutdown on Monday, with South Africans on both sides of the fence as to whether President Cyril Ramaphosa should resign.


The EFF wants an end to load shedding and the president to step down.


“On Monday, it’s not a drinking day. Anyone who drinks alcohol on that day is a sell-out,” Malema said.

A crime activist in Delft, Sisa Makaula, said that, if he was not permanently bound to his wheelchair, he most certainly would’ve joined the EFF’s march.


“The initiative taken by the EFF is needed. We need to put pressure on the government for the crises in this country. For far too long, we have kept quiet about the state this country is in, and the EFF taking this stand is admirable,” Makaula said.

“I don’t think this shutdown will automatically solve the country’s problems, but if we don’t do pickets or protests, the government will continue to do as they please. We need to all stand together and say enough is enough. This Eskom crisis is insane, and we cannot allow this to happen daily.”