Star FM Reveals Reasons Behind DJ Ollah 7’s Sudden Departure


Social media was hit by the news that DJ Ollah 7 had resigned, which shocked many yesterday. The DJ, who has worked for Star FM for 11 years, had one of the most successful shows on the station.

A video circulated of the DJ bidding farewell to his work colleagues. There were some waterworks as DJ Ollah 7 thanked his former workmates individually for his time at the station. His former show producer Nyari even burst into tears bidding farewell to the Award-winning DJ.

The reason why DJ Ollah 7 is leaving the station

In the statement, Star FM management has officially announced Owen Madondo’s resignation, widely known as DJ Ollah 7. Star FM conveyed that the departure is effective as of November 13, 2023.

DJ Ollah 7 has played a pivotal role as one of the pioneers of Star FM since its establishment in June 2012. He achieved notable recognition throughout his tenure, securing the Best Male Radio Personality title at the NAMA 2023 edition.

His notable contributions include hosting various shows, with one of the highlights being “After Drive”, featuring his renowned interviews on “On The Spot.” Star FM’s management seizes this moment to express appreciation for DJ Ollah 7’s significant role in fostering the growth of the Star FM brand.

The management wishes DJ Ollah 7 all the best in his future endeavours. They recognised and thanked him for his lasting impact during his time with Star FM.