Steve Harvey’s family life ‘driving him crazy’, according to reports


Popular TV host and comedian Steve Harvey is having a very tough time dealing with his new family dynamic and tensions at home.


An insider source tells Radar Online the Family Feud host is biting off more than he can chew when it comes to the family unit he built.

Steve Harvey’s complicated family dynamic

“Steve’s got four biological kids with two previous wives and three stepkids with [his present wife] Marjorie,” the insider said. Also adding: “They’re driving him crazy!”

Steve Harvey has a total seven children. He shares twins Bradi and Karli, as well as son Broderick with his first wife, Marcia. Steve also has son Wynton with ex Mary Shackelford, his second wife, and three stepchildren that he adopted: MorganJason and Lori, with current wife Marjorie.

There is great tension amongst his seven children

The insider informs there has been great tension amongst the siblings. In particular, over Lori Harvey, who’s the best known of all of Harvey’s kids. Lori has been a big fixture in gossip news recently thanks to her former romance with superstar actor Michael B. Jordan, and now dating Snowfall actor Damson Idris.

When Steve Harvey adopted his current wife’s children he was of course hoping the dynamic would be positive. But it’s just been far from it. “He did the right thing adopting Marjorie’s kids and loves them like his own, but there’s a lot of dissension among the blended Harvey clan,” the source told Radar.

The drama extends to the wives, as well

Another issue is that the tension isn’t limited to the children, as apparently Steve’s wife and exes “butt heads” because Marjorie “rules the roost” at the Harvey abode.