Student Allegedly Joins Cult, Sacrifices Mother to Acquire Benz & Build Houses – watch video


A video is circulating online of an alleged “Sakawa boy” making shocking revelations regarding his sudden wealth and the acquisition of his new Benz car. He discloses that he sacrificed his own mother to obtain the asset.

In the viral clip, the young man confessed to committing matricide as a means of affording his luxurious car, implying that anyone who desires similar success should be prepared to take similarly severe actions.

The person who is making these claims has not been identified, but in the video, he can be seen presenting stacks of cedi notes as he reveals the strategies he utilized to accumulate his wealth and acquire his car.


It is unclear whether the young man’s statements are genuine or indicate a troubling reality, but his confessions may result in legal consequences if authorities choose to pursue an investigation into the matter.

Watch the video below: