Teenager breaks into neighbour’s house to steal teeth

Bizarre Crimes and Courts

In a bizarre incident an 18-year-old Bindura man has been arrested after he broke into his neighbour’s house to bite a seven year old girl before stealing her teeth.

The matter came to light yesterday at Bindura magistrates courts where Diamond Makombe appeared before magistrate Nomagugu Sibanda.


He pleaded guilty to the charge and was sentenced to 30 months in jail.

Prosecutor Victoria Choga told the court that on October 20 Makombe broke into his neighbour’s house around 11 pm.


While in house Makombe found a seven year old girl sleeping and he bit her and removed her four teeth.


The girl cried for help and Makombe fled.


The father of the girl made a chase and managed to apprehend Makombe before surrendering him to the police.


While at the police station the police searched him and found him with the four teeth.