Tenant Kills Landlord Over Eviction Notice

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A 34-year-old man from Nkulumane suburb in Bulawayo allegedly killed his landlord for evicting him from his house.


The landlord, Mgcini Sibanda (44), was found dead on a toilet seat on 19 March after he was assaulted by his tenant the previous day.

ZRP spokesperson in Bulawayo Province, Inspector Abednico Ncube said Mnkandla fled after committing the alleged offence. He said:

On 18 march 2023 at around 11 PM, the now deceased Mgcini Sibanda a male adult aged 44 years had a misunderstanding with the accused person over an issue of why he was still staying in his house while he had given him notice in January 2023.

The accused person assaulted Mgcini Sibanda with an unknown object and he sustained injuries but did not report the matter to the police nor did he seek medical help.

The accused person ran away soon after committing the offence. The deceased was found the following day by a neighbour dead whilst sitting on the toilet seat. A police report was then made.

He had two cuts on the forehead consistent to have been caused by a sharp object, bruises on both knees and blood stains on the left arm.

He urged members of the public to resolve their disputes amicably instead of taking the law into their own hands.