Terror Grips Harare As Deadly Fire Consumes Building Along Cameron Street


People in the central business district of Harare were terrified after a deadly fire engulfed a building along Cameron Street this afternoon.


The fire erupted in the building housing Callans Furniture in the capital. The cause of the fire is yet to be established. The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP is also yet to reveal the extent of the damage the fire caused.

Videos and images circulating show multitudes of onlookers thronging Cameroon and Charter Street to witness the raging blaze.


The fire was so violent that it emitted black, horrific fumes into the sunny skies, weakening the sunlight. The fire razed down the building and almost spread to the nearby structure. Firefighters swiftly went to put out the fire, but the fiery blaze seemed too strong for them.

Watch the fierce fire along Cameroon Street below.