“The End Times Are Near,” Pastor Reacts To “Sex On Top Of Grave” Shocking Incident

Bizarre Controversy

Religious figures have condemned mourners who engaged in sexual intercourse on top of a fresh grave in Mutare last week on Thursday.


A well-known commercial sex worker only identified as Tatenda or Mai Keisha, and an unidentified middle-aged man made love on the grave of the late 45-year-old Sakubva brothel operator Maroni Mazvita Karinda in broad daylight and in full view of other mourners who cheered them on while filming the incident.

Pastor Davies English, a Christian leader, said the incident shows that the human race is now in the last days. Said Pastor English:

It is very strange. I suspect heavy-duty Satanism (hurombwa). Obviously, the end times are truly upon us because Jesus warned us that in the last days, iniquity shall abound (Matthew 24:12).

These kinds of things never used to be done in public, let alone during funerals, but when people are shameless to this extent it only shows that things have really gone haywire.

So this should be a clarion call for everyone to repent and give their lives to Jesus Christ and get ready for eternal life.

Zimbabwe Traditional Healers’ Association president, George Kandiero said:

This is a sheer lack of discipline, typical of touts, sex workers and hooligans.

At the same time, these could be rituals that are common at graves or during funerals.

At times, some people do things that they would have been instructed by the deceased to do upon their death.

It might also be a result of the global interconnectedness whereby we have adopted foreign and weird cultures.

a brother to the deceased, Fungai Mazvita Karinda told The Manica Post that the family was not happy with what the mourners did at Maroni’s burial. He said:

We are not happy at all with what happened during the funeral of our departed brother. These people started their uncouth behaviour while we were still at home.

As a family, we tried by all means to stop them, but they turned a deaf ear to us.

We told them that while they were his friends, they should respect us, but they never relented.

We hope and pray that these people will be arrested because they literally hijacked my brother’s funeral to parade their shamelessness.

Up to now, we are yet to come to terms with what we saw during our brother’s funeral.

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