Thieves get away with client’s car as mechanic enjoy thlof thlof with thigh vendor

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A motor mechanic from Chitungwiza experienced an unfortunate incident on Thursday when he was attacked by robbers, resulting in the loss of his client’s vehicle.


The incident took place at Chikwanha Shopping Centre while the mechanic was in the company of a s£x worker.

The mechanic, identified as Farai Tazarurwa, aged 51 and residing in St Mary’s, had driven a black Toyota Passo to a bar located at the shopping centre. While Farai and his companion were inside the parked car, three unidentified men suddenly approached them. The assailants proceeded to assault them with objects, forcing the pair to flee for their safety.




Taking advantage of the situation, the robbers seized control of the vehicle and swiftly drove away. Inspector Luckmore Chakanza, the Harare provincial police spokesperson, confirmed the incident and urged anyone with information that could lead to the arrest of the suspects to come forward.




According to Inspector Chakanza, the theft occurred at a bar in Chitungwiza, and the circumstances surrounding the incident are as follows: On October 31, at approximately 1:00 PM, an unknown individual entrusted their car to the mechanic for repairs. As the two were familiar with each other from previous encounters, they did not exchange personal details.




In the early hours of November 1, the mechanic decided to indulge in a drinking spree at Chikwanha Shopping Centre and took the vehicle along. While there, he approached a commercial sex worker whose identity remains unknown and invited her to join him in the car.




Unfortunately, it was at this moment that three men approached them. One of the assailants shattered the driver’s window and gained access to the car from the inside. Fearing for their lives, both the mechanic and the sex worker quickly fled the scene, leaving the vehicle behind. The perpetrator then took advantage of the opportunity and drove away in the stolen car.