Tinashe Mugabe’s Peculiar Hand Gesture Sparks Controversy On Social Media


Social media in Zimbabwe is abuzz with speculation over Tinashe Mugabe’s hand gesture, prompting speculation that it may have ties to gang activity or even membership in the notorious secret society, The Illuminati.

The debate was sparked by a viral photo of Mugabe and popular entrepreneur and socialite Tinashe Mutarisi, where both men were captured flashing the same hand sign.

This gesture is not new to Mugabe, but eyebrows were raised when Mutarisi also used it in a photo taken during a night out with their spouses.

The picture shows the two couples standing shoulder to shoulder, with Tinashe Mugabe and Tinashe Mutarisi raising their hands to display the sign, which features the middle finger resting on top of the index finger.


The intriguing nature of the hand sign and its repeated use has led to heated discussions among Zimbabwean social media users, who are curious about its meaning and origins.The entertainment blog, Eyes Of 263, recently sparked a conversation on their Instagram page that left followers intrigued.

They posed the question to their audience, asking if they were privy to the significance of Tinashe Mugabe’s peculiar hand gesture – one that involves a deliberate entwining of his middle and index fingers.


As the comment section was filled with various theories and suggestions, some explanations stood out more than others.


It turns out that this particular gesture is representative of the DNA structure. Given Tinashe Mugabe’s claim to fame as the host of the popular reality series, The Closure DNA Show, which offers families a chance to determine their paternity and maternity, it all adds up perfectly.