Tinashe Mutarisi fumes at Passion Java


Nash paints CEO ,Tinashe Mutarisi has warned Passion Java and his associate MudiwaHood of their shenanigans to intimidate him. Mutarisi recorded a video responding to a call the two made which angered him .

In his message he had this to say:

Passion Java called me yesterday aina Mudiwa claiming and lying kuti he was sent by higher authorities to campaign against me and my business. It is a lie as no one has authorized or send them and it is simply their attention-seeking behavior.

It is not the system that is fighting against me, but rather him and his vain friends who fail to comprehend why people still support and admire me without having to boast like they do. They attempted to befriend me, but I declined to join their destructive cliques that aim to undermine the values of our nation.

They have always desired a direct confrontation with me, despite my pleas for them to leave me alone. Unfortunately, they have continuously attacked both me and my business without any valid reason.

Their actions stem from jealousy, as they are unable to attain the love and respect from the people of Zimbabwe that I effortlessly receive. I am grateful to the people of Zimbabwe for their unwavering support, which has become a powerful shield against these haters.

This comes after Mutarisi has faced several sabotage from unknown entities including the burning of his warehouse and the cutting down of electricity.