Trending: Robert Mugabe Jr Refuses To Pay Model After Spending Four Nights With Her {Leaked Chats & Video}


In a video circulating online, the late Zimbabwe president’s son Robert Mugabe Jr allegedly failed to pay a woman after spending four days enjoying her company at his place of residence.


The video shows a Harare-based model only referred to as Bertha clashing with Robert Mugabe Jnr while demanding US$50 they had agreed on.


He is seen telling Betha, who is seated on the bed unclad to leave the house.


Bertha decided to leak some chats between the two and she begs him to pay him after having s_ex.

Robert Mugabe Jr, however, seems undisturbed by the social media scanda as he is seen in another video acting wierd.


He seems, as some social media commentators point out, high on drugs. Here are some of the comments.

Karen Mukwasi

Inga he’s saying akatsomwa wani? He’s on drugs siyanai nazvo. His family can afford the most expensive rehab in the world saka vachati voita havo. Ndozvinoita mutoriro haurari ba
Jb Mayster Nasy Chando 

Musombodia VS Mutoriro the debate has been going on but ummm Nhoda kumberi ndabvuma hangu
Ladycee Carol Zinyemba 

They must also feel the pain irikunzwikwa nevabereki vane vana vari Ku annex .guka rakadirwa kuharare kunge masau.
Benjamin Batsie Magengezhah 

Ahhhhhh yoooooo them dead vakurova mutoriro finish 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀R.I.P Bhobho