Two Police Officers Steal US$158 000 From Thief

Crimes and Courts

Two police officers were arrested recently on allegations of stealing US$158 000 from a suspect.


Addmore Musiza (34) and Tafara Machokoto (41) appeared before Harare magistrate Stanford Mambanje on Wednesday facing criminal abuse of office charges.


They were remanded in custody.


Prosecutors said that on 03 March 2023, at around 7 PM, Musiza and Machokoto who are stationed at CID Stores and Business, were assigned to investigate a theft case at National Foods.


The two interviewed the suspect, Edward Davai Mudowaye who had been arrested for stealing US$158 000 stolen from, National Foods, Aspindale, where he was employed.

Mudowaya said that he had given the money to Susan Jiri for safekeeping.

The suspect then led the two to Block 7 836 Matapi Flats, Mbare and recovered the loot from Jiri.


However, they did not bring back the cash as recovered property but instead shared it among themselves.


It is further alleged that the two later took Mudowaya to court claiming that they did not recover anything from him.


It is alleged that CID Homicide detectives received information about the offence and arrested the duo.


Musiza was allegedly found in possession of US$56 000 which he had buried in a maize field about 400 metres from his house.

Machokoto was found in possession of US$22 000 which he had given to his aunt in Aspindale Park, Harare.

Another US$3000 was recovered from Jiri.