Ugandan Man With 102 Children Blames Economy For Struggling To Look After His Family


A Ugandan man with a staggering 102 children has vowed to stop having babies, as he blamed the economy for struggling to look after his family.


Sixty-seven-year-old farmer Musa Hasahya has 102 children and 568 grandchildren from 12 wives. Hasahya has decided to stop procreating and asked his dozen wives to start using contraception as he is failing to provide for his mini tribe adequately.

He told The Sun:


“My income has become lower and lower over the years due to the rising cost of living, and my family has become bigger and bigger. I married one woman after another. How can a man be satisfied with one woman?


“All my wives live together in the same house. It’s easy for me to monitor them and also stop them from eloping with other men in this village.”

His youngest wife, Zukaika, 31, who bore him 11 children, echoed his sentiments:


“I’m not having any more children. I’ve seen the bad financial situation and am now taking the birth control pill.”


Hasahya’s youngest child is six, while his oldest is 51, about 20 years older than his youngest wife.

The Ugandan polygamist can no longer work because of ill health, and two of his wives have left because of financial pressures.


Hasahya’s first marriage was to his wife Hanifa in 1971 when he was only 16.


After tying the knot, he dropped out of school, and two years later, he welcomed his first baby girl, Mirror reports.

Life opened up for Hasahya, and he launched a business and got land.

He then decided to expand his family.


“Because I was able to earn something, I decided to expand my family by marrying more women. I ensured that hoes are provided for each of them to till the land and produce enough food to support the family since the soils are fertile.”


After decades of enlarging his clan, his fortunes turned for the worst, and he is now unable to look after his large family. He is now appealing to the government for assistance as he’s struggling to fund the education of all of his children.