Unrepentant Zimbabwean Man Who Is Addicted To Using Women’s Toilet Gets Another Jail Term In UK


In a shocking turn of events, a man has been banned from every women’s toilet in the UK, and he just can’t seem to kick his wild addiction. Asere Shumba, a UK-born Zimbabwean, has been sentenced to jail time after he was caught in the act yet again at a McDonald’s in Derby.

It seems that Shumba just can’t resist the allure of women’s restrooms, and his latest mishap occurred just after 6 pm on December 28, 2022. A female staff member caught him red-handed in the cubicles of the ladies’ toilet in the St Peter’s Street branch. Clearly, Shumba wasn’t thinking straight, as he was already serving a ban for previously taking photographs of women in the lavatories in the Sinfin branch and even in the former Walkabout bar in the Market Place.

The 27-year-old Shumba was spotted heading into the women’s toilets at the St Peter’s Street branch, and the authorities were called. Shumba was arrested at his home address later that evening, adding to his growing collection of mugshots.


In December, when Shumba was arrested, a female staff member gave a statement, stating that “I recognized him and he followed me upstairs and made some conversation with me. I thought he was going to sit down and order some food but instead, I watched as he walked into the female toilets.” It’s clear that Shumba’s antics are not only illegal, but they’re also incredibly creepy and bizarre.


This isn’t the first time Shumba has been in trouble with the law. In January 2021, he was handed a five-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO) after being convicted of two counts of voyeurism. Apparently, Shumba just can’t resist the temptation to film women using the female toilets, as he did it once at a McDonald’s restaurant in Surrey, and then again at the former Walkabout bar in Derby.


Shumba was banned from entering any women’s toilets or changing rooms, but he breached the conditions of the order when he once again entered the female toilets late last year. At that hearing, the same court heard how Shumba locked himself in cubicles and then filmed the victims as they went to use the facilities.

What a sick and twisted addiction!

Now, Shumba is facing the consequences of his actions, as he has been sentenced to 20 weeks in jail. The judge, Recorder Graham Huston, was not amused, and said, “You now understand that the breaching of that order leads to custody, and you have now been remanded for the last eight weeks. You will then be on a 12-month license after that, and should you be arrested in similar circumstances, you can expect to be returned to custody.”