Video of highschool girls twɛrkiŋg and smoking Shisha causes Stir on Social Media

Bizarre Education

A disturbing video of female students who are believed to be students of Sunyani Senior High School doing the unthinkable has gone viral.

In the video, some students of the Sunyani SHS (SUSEC) were seen dancing and twɛrkiŋg to the camera.

While this has become norm in our secondary schools, what makes this one more shocking is that the girls were seen smoking shisha on top of it.

The video, which has since gone viral, gives a sour account of these young girls “having fun” while blowing out smoke from their nostrils with so much expertise.


One interesting part about the video is that these girls were in their school uniforms as they partook in the questionable act.

Watch the video below: