WATCH: Cheating Couple Gets Stuck While Doing “Tlof Tlof”


It was messy and shocking.

There was drama recently after community members yanked a cheating couple that was stuck in the midst of doing tlof tlof.

The incident reportedly happened yesterday in Norton, according to one social media user, Munhumutema.

The married woman and the equally married man had been secretly dating for some time, and they decided to have another discreet tryst and some wild and lustful lula lula in the hot Norton afternoon.

The two cheats went to his married side chick’s house and swiftly undressed before engaging in the unholy matrimonial crime.


As they sweatily quenched their wild thirst for each other, the worst thing happened.

After finishing satisfying each other with tlof tlof, the man could not take out his member. The two had been stuck to each other with no hope for separation.

After a while, the wife of the male cheat got wind of his husband’s whereabouts and sprinted o the scene of the matrimonial crime, where she was met with the horror of her life. She discovered her husband lying on top of the married lady he was cheating with.

In a video making rounds on social media, a mob was standing just outside the room where the cheats got stuck. The cheated woman was screaming that her husband was in the house, as another community member tried to block the door.

The man person who was shooting the video then calmed the people down so he can let the community members into the room to see the filthy drama.

On opening the door, they saw the cheating man lying prostrate on top of his plus-sized “girlfriend”, not moving an inch. They hid their faces from the camera as the community members jeered at the. Watch the video here.

Twitter users expressed their sentiments in the comments after the couple got stuck doing Tlof tlof.


“Hona kuma rural areas zvakuri kuita 😂😂kuri kubatwa midzi.”


“Baba vane zvivindi aba kubvisa dzese pamukadzi wemunhu.”


“Mukadzi wemunhu haabatwe.”


“Dzimwe nguva inondodyiwa ikoko.”