WATCH: Passion Java Speaks In “Vulgar” Tounges

In what appears to be the abuse of religion by self-proclaimed prophets, Zimbabwean pastor Passion Java was recorded praying in “tounges” before his congregants and uttering inappropriate words.

In Christianity, speaking in tongues is when an individual speaks a language that he or she does not know.

However, in an undated video that circulated on social media platforms, Java used some words that are considered vulgar in Shona slang. Watch the video below for more:

In March 2022, Leshaan Da Gama exposed her alleged secret affair with Passion Java. Responding to the claims, Passion Java neither denied nor confirmed the reports that are circulating on social media. He said:

Akomana ka, vakomana vemubhabheri vayinakirwa. Hmmm baba vayiita kunge movie life yavo, vayinakirwa. David ayichaya, kuchaya, ayinakirwa akarova mkadzi wemunhu. Mfesi ndasamunzwisisa. Shamwari Jacob akashanda for 14 years, kushandira vakadzi two kuti anakirwe.

In early 2023, Java’s alleged mistress Yolanda Makaya claimed that she had been impregnated by the preacher who then ordered her to abort an eight-month pregnancy.

Makaya, who is the young sister to Java’s other alleged girlfriend Hillary, shared a 2.28-minute video on social media claiming Java’s security people had attempted to kidnap her.

In the video accessible on‘s Facebook page, Makaya further claimed that Java wants the unborn baby dead. She said:

I am eight months pregnant for Passion Java. I acknowledge my wrongdoing and take accountability for my part in all of this.

I just do not feel the repercussions I am facing are warranted at all. My life is in danger, I have had to flee my country because things got so bad that I was being followed and there was even a kidnap attempt.

His main objective is to kill our baby, even at this late stage he says he will not stop at anything until our baby is dead.

I am filled with paranoia, and anxiety and live in a constant state of fear because I always have to be on the move. I was almost drugged to induce early labour.

He has used the powers that be to terrorise and harass those who have tried to help me.

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