Watch | Police Forced To Stop An Arrest After Lady Got Possessed By Ancestors Who Did Not Want To See Her In Cuffs



In a country where ancestral possessions are very common and a highly celebrated phenomenon, it is not surprising at all to see people getting possessed in any situation they find themselves in.

A young lady has found herself going viral on social media after she was captured in a trance, possessed by her ancestors while in police custody.


The video which is less than a minute shows an unidentified lady in a police van getting possessed by ancestors who allegedly did not like to see her in cuffs.


The alleged incident is said to have happened while the police were taking the lady in question into their custody for unclarified reasons.

She immediately got possessed by the spirits as she got into the police bakkie.


The incident allegedly forced the police to abandon their arrest for a while as the woman’s relatives came closer to the incident to try and appease the upset ancestors who had possessed her.


Just like how the traditional African adage goes, it seems the ancestors never forsook her as they came to her rescue at the time she desperately needed them to avoid the police arrest.

While the reasons behind the arrest and possession aren’t yet clear, social media users believe the incident could also be one of the means the lady used to avoid arrest by the police who feared the wrath of her ancestral spirits.


People have been mocking the lady in the video and her ancestors for trying to be clever to avoid arrest.

“🤣🤣🤣asile amanye amadlozi yoo,” one user laughned saying the ancestors were clever.

Watch the incident below;

Some social media users believe the incident might have been a skit as one of the men assisting the possessed woman could be seen laughing and smiling during the whole process.