Watch Wild Celebrations At Mbare Musika As Zebra Kiss Returned


There were wild celebrations at Mbare Musika earlier today when Zebra Kiss busses returned to the popular rank, days after their ban.

The company had been banned from operating, together with Rimbi Tours, after an accident that occurred on 17 January 2023 in Mutoko District along the Harare-Nyamapanda Highway, which claimed one life and injured several others.


The accident occurred when a Rimbi Bus that was racing with a Zebra Kiss bus, which was in front, rammed into the back of a Shacman Tipper, which was travelling in the same direction.

Watch the reception Zebra Kiss got in Mbare below;

In yesterday’s letter that lifted Zebra Kiss’ ban, the government said;
Reference is made to the above-mentioned subject matter. 
I refer to a letter dated 19 January 2023, with regards to the suspension of your Operator’s License Number 0P00001268. I also refer to a letter dated 23 January 2023, wherein we requested you to submit a detailed plan of action on the corrective measures that you have put in place to avert incidents of violating the terms and co-nditions of your Operator’s License in future. 
I have also received a submission on the comprehensive measures you have already put in place to avert such incidents in future and the action plan you have outlined to sustain the momentum of compliance with the terms and conditions of your Operators’ License, including measures against negligent driving. After a meticulous consideration of your submission, I am satisfied that the measures you have mainstreamed in your day-to-day operations are adequate enough to checkmate recurrence of operational behaviors which can be interpreted as violations of terms and conditions of your license. 
In view of the foregoing measures, I am pleased to lift the suspension on your Operator’s License Number OP00001268 with immediate effect. We will be grateful if you continue to demonstrate, through your conduct on the roads and your interaction with other relevant stakeholders that you uphold the provisions of all attendant laws and regulations applicable to road motor transportation and road traffic safety management.