Watch| Zimbabwe’s Burna Boy Lookalike Dupes School Kids With Performance Of Nigerian Muso’s Songs


They say if life gives you lemons, make lemonade and that is true with Zimbabwe’s low-budget entertainment industry where the country’s very own “Burna Boy” has made a name and life out of his resemblance to the Nigerian musician, Burna Boy.

A video of Burna Boy’s Zimbabwean look-alike is causing a stir on social media with the doppelgänger duping primary school kids with the performance of the Nigerian muso’s songs at a school event.

In an undated video of what appears to be the viral Zimbabwean man who has taken the limelight by his resemblance to the African Giant, ecstatic primary school children in one of Zimbabwe’s primary schools can be seen cheering and giving the doppelganger a reception of his lifetime.

“Do they know he is not the real Burna Boy,” many have asked on social media?


The unnamed doppelganger seems to have made a career out of his appearance as he is now getting booked for performances across the country’s capital city functions.


Apart from dressing like the Nigerian muso, the Zimbabwean man even decided to maximize his biological resemblance by venturing into music where he also sings Burna Boy’s songs and takes pictures mimicking the musician.

Watch the video below;

Celebrity doppelgangers seem to be on increase lately. While some of them find the resemblance as a disadvantage to their lives, many have found opportunities to make money out of it.

iHarare recently reported on Tupac’s Zambian lookalike who has made a fortune out of his resemblance to Tupac.

Instagram recently banned a number of lookalikes who were dupping people into believing they were real celebrities. One of the recent cases was that of Drake’s look alike.