Winky D Fans Threatens To Stop Drinking Castle Lager After He Is Removed From Castle Tankard Lineup


Fans of dancehall star Winky D are threatening to boycott Castle Lager, the sponsor of the annual Castle Tankard horse race, after the musician was dropped from the event’s line-up without any explanation. Winky D has been a main attraction of the show for more than five years, drawing huge crowds to the Borrowdale race course. The Castle Tankard is one of the biggest horse racing events in Zimbabwe, organized by Delta Corporation.

The decision to remove Winky D from the list of performers comes after he faced harassment and intimidation from supporters of the ruling Zanu PF party, who accused him of being anti-government and inciting protests through his songs. His latest album, Njema, which means handcuffs in Shona, was released on New Year’s Eve and contains lyrics that criticize corruption, poverty and human rights violations in the country. His concert at Damview in Chitungwiza was abruptly stopped by police officers in January.


Winky D’s fans have expressed their anger and disappointment on social media, saying that they will not buy or drink Castle Lager products until he is reinstated as a performer at the Castle Tankard. They also accused Delta Corporation of bowing to political pressure and compromising their artistic freedom. Some fans have suggested organizing alternative shows to support Winky D and other artists who are facing censorship and repression.

Winky D has not commented on the matter yet, but he is known for being outspoken and fearless in his music. He has previously said that he does not belong to any political party and that he sings about the realities and challenges that people face in Zimbabwe. He has also called for peace and unity among Zimbabweans regardless of their political affiliations.

Here are some of the comments from the seemingly devastated fans of the Gaffa :