Woman Turned Into A Dog By Her Boyfriend In A Suspected Ritual Case

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In a video that has gone viral on the internet, a Nigerian woman was turned into a dog by her boyfriend for riches in a suspected ritual case.


Ritual practices are rampant in Africa as people go to extremes to get elusive riches. In Zimbabwe, some people are suspected of selling off their toes to get thousands of dollars.

In many African countries, people engage in ritual killings to attract wealth. In S.A a traditional healer, Thokozani Msibi, was arrested for allegedly masterminding the killing of Gabisile Shabane, who was living with albinism, in a get rich ritual scheme. Shabane’s head and hand were found in Msibi’s traditional hut.


In a shocking development, a woman was turned into a dog by her “yahoo boyfriend”. Yahoo boys are people who engage in email and internet fraud.

In the video shared on Instagram, the lady had to be taken in by the police as she had become uncontrollable. When she was taken behind bars, she was whimpering and barking like a dog.


The lady looked exhausted, and saliva ran from her mouth as her eyes kept pecking downward and sideways. She was scruffy, and her unkempt hair projected a rugged appearance. Watch the shocking video below.