Woman With Big Nyash Sets Church Agog at Pastor Freddy’s Sunday Service

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During a church service at Prophet Freddy Church, a lady with a large backside gathered significant attention and dominated the scene.



A video shared online captured the moment the lady was effortlessly shaking her backside while dancing and singing during a Christian praise and worship session.


Her presence overshadowed the service as many members became distracted by her physique, leaving the church leadership in a difficult situation.

Pastor Freddy Church is no stranger to controversy, having faced scrutiny on numerous occasions, with scandals ranging from illegal money-making schemes to allegations of sexual misconduct by its leader.

However, the current incident has put the church in the spotlight once again.

Several members took pictures and videos of the woman and shared them on social media, where they quickly went viral, leading to widespread debate of her stature.

Some have marvelled at her well built figure and some feared the lady created a distraction during a sacred service.

Churches in Zimbabwe have strict dress codes, and it is expected that congregants dress modestly, covering their bodies and avoiding revealing clothing. However, it appears that in this instance, the woman’s dress was deemed unsuitable for such an occasion.

The incident has sparked a debate on the role of dress code in places of worship, with some defending the woman’s choice of attire and others calling for adherence to the traditional dress codes.

See video here: