Ximex Dealer’s Bizarre Burial Instructions Leaked


The late murderous Ximex Mall dealer Boss Pangolin, real name Tafadzwa Russel Murengwa, is alleged to have left bizarre burial instructions for his family to carry out.

The bizarre burial instructions were included in his alleged suicide note containing his last words, which has been leaked.

In the leaked note, Boss Pangolin is alleged to have instructed his family to call famous sangoma Sekuru Banda to come and collect some undisclosed items from his bedroom.

He further instructed his relatives to remove a black plastic bag from the boot of his Mercedez Benz vehicle and to place it in his coffin, with strict instructions not to look into the mentioned black plastic bag.

He also said that his relatives should not use that specific car after his death and insisted that they should sell it.

Boss Pangolin, who committed suicide after shooting dead his ex-lover Samantha Dzapata, appears to have planned for his impending death.


The alleged note reveals that he bought his coffin in advance and outlined how he wanted some of his assets to be distributed after his death. Unconfirmed reports suggest he left behind US$65 000 in one dollar notes.


Below is part of the leaked note containing Boss Pangolin’s alleged bizarre burial instructions and last words,


“I am sorry bamnini for disappointing you and letting you down. Ndanzwa zvese zvamataura but sorry I can’t help it. I am dying, ndiri kwana Josh.


“You can not use the Mercedes Benz please sell it. Mukazokwanisa kutora (Toyota) Aqua ino please give it to Munashe.


“Pane zvamuchaona mumba mu bedroom mangu. I opened my bed base, mukavhura imomo muchaona Mari ne something chirimo. The money you can use it but, chi something ichocho fonerai sekuru Banda vanouya kuzochitora movabhadhara.


“Rufu rwangu nezvese ndakagadzirisa, my coffin and all. Bhangwera anokupai ma details.


“Mobvisa plastic re black riri mu Benz kumashure panogara spare wheel munoriisa mu coffin mangu asi ndapota nusarivhure.


“Ndapedza hangu.Sorry henyu I can’t face life anymore.”

At the time of publishing, efforts to verify the suicide note containing Boss Pangolin’s alleged last words and bizarre burial instructions were fruitless. No one was willing to speak on the matter.