Zanu PF Dispels Rumours of Mnangagwa’s Third Term Bid in 2028


Zanu PF’s Secretary for Information, Christopher Mutsvangwa, has clarified whether President Emmerson Mnangagwa will seek a third term in the 2028 elections.

Recent speculation suggested that Zanu PF orchestrated the recalls of Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) MPs to secure a two-thirds majority in Parliament. This move was rumoured to pave the way for amending the Constitution, allowing Mnangagwa to seek a third term as Head of State.

As per Zimbabwe’s current Constitution, a President is limited to two five-year terms, making Mnangagwa’s ongoing term his last.


Mutsvangwa, addressing journalists in Harare on Monday, urged Zimbabweans to dismiss speculations about Mnangagwa’s ambitions beyond 2028. He emphasized that there is no need to amend the Constitution to field their preferred candidate.

Mutsvangwa debunked claims of Zanu PF pursuing a two-thirds majority through CCC recalls, attributing the by-elections to CCC’s internal disorganization. He stated,


“There is a conspiracy which talks about creating room for President Emmerson Mnangagwa wishing to get a third term as head of state. This is just speculation and should be ignored. We are not the ones who occasioned the by-elections so those who want to peddle the notion that Zanu PF wants a two-thirds majority to run the country are not telling the truth. We do not need to change the Constitution for a third term of our President.”

Blaming CCC for their own troubles, Mutsvangwa asserted,


“There are some who cause problems within their party and the consequences reach to Parliament, then they want to ascribe the results of their consequences to Zanu PF. No, chickens come home to roost; your party is disorganised. You caused elections to happen. Do not try to get explanations as to why elections are happening now. We want an organized and structured country which means also that the opposition should be organized and structured so that Parliamentary business can proceed smoothly for Zimbabweans to get an oversight of Parliament.”

Mutsvangwa stressed that Zanu PF stands to lose rather than gain from CCC recalls, emphasising,


“This is what Zanu PF wishes, not the Wapusa Wapusa disorganization in CCC which makes us go to elections every other day. It destructs our minds from the business of governance and prosperity of Zimbabwe. We have absolutely nothing to gain as a party and everything to lose by the internal fights within CCC.”