ZANU PF Wins Run-off Election

2023 Elections Politics

ZANU PF Political Commissar Mike Bimha has expressed gratitude to voters in Makoni Rural District Council Ward 33 in Makoni District, Manicaland Province, after the ruling party candidate Japan Maxwell won the run-off election that was held in the ward on 02 October.


The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) called for the run-off after Japan Maxwell of ZANU PF and Saruwaka Rujeko of Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) got equal votes in the August 2023 Harmonised Elections.


Bimha said the victory shows that the people of Zimbabwe are confident that ZANU PF’s leadership has the ability to deliver economic development and prosperity for the country. He said, as quoted by The Herald:

We want to applaud the electorate for continuing to show their support for the ruling party and their confidence in the leadership of ZANU PF and it only confirms that ZANU PF is the party for the present and also the future.


We have a track record of performance in terms of the record of liberating this country and also as a party that gave dignity to the people of Zimbabwe and now the Second Republic is focusing on Vision 2030 focusing on economic development and delivery.

Our campaign is predicated on performance, on what has taken place and therefore it only gives people hope that if so much has been done in such a short time, despite sanctions a lot can be done as we move forward.


We would like to thank our party structures for the work and that we should continue that winning trajectory.