ZANU PF Youths Threaten To Seize Chihuri’s Farm


ZANU PF youths have reportedly threatened to seize Inyika Farm in Shamva, Mashonaland Central province, which belongs to self-exiled former Police Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri.

It is alleged that they intend to grab and subdivide into small plots, according to The NewsHawks.

Sources say ZANU PF youths have been to Chihuri’s farm and threatened to take it over, saying they had government support to do so.

The farm manager has filed a police case over the incident. A source said:

Government is targeting Chihuri’s farm. The usual approach of sending Zanu-PF youths first as a stalking horse is being used. The youths have been there and threatened to take over the farm. The farm manager (named on condition of anonymity) has reported the case to the police.

This comes as the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) is appealing after Chihuri in June won a High Court case to stop the seizure of his properties.

Chihuri won his battle against moves to seize his properties under the “unexplained wealth” law.

The former police commissioner-general, who fled to self-imposed exile following the ouster of Robert Mugabe in 2017, however, failed to have the law declared unconstitutional in a partial victory at the Harare High Court.

Government critics accuse President Emmerson Mnangagwa of his” vindictive” approach to seizing farms belonging to its critics, most of whom were the late former president Robert Mugabe‘s loyalists.

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