Zimbabwean Filmmaker Violet Avoid’s Husband confirms wife is alive, dismisses su!cide allegations


New information has surfaced regarding the case of Zimbabwean filmmaker and journalist Violet Avoid, who recently made headlines following allegations that she had died after committing suicide.


Violet Avoid’s husband, Tichaona Martin Madzikanda, has refuted reports about her death as fake. He has confirmed that his wife is, in fact, alive.

Yesterday, there were reports circulating that Philippines-based journalist-filmmaker Violet Avoid of Avylet Studios had passed away. She was alleged to have committed suicide by ingesting rat poison.

However, in a recent update, Tichaona Martin Madzikanda, the filmmaker’s husband, has confirmed that she is currently alive but unconscious, dispelling earlier reports of her death.


In a video posted on Violet’s Facebook page, Tichaona Martin Madzikanda further clarified that Violet did not attempt suicide. Instead, she suffered from a severe case of food poisoning while working in a foreign city.


Tichaona further disclosed that his wife is currently hospitalized and reliant on life support. He claims individuals accompanying her mistakenly conveyed incorrect information to contacts on Violet’s list, primarily journalists, falsely stating that she had passed away.

Moreover, he addressed a video posted by Violet two months ago, discussing a rape incident, which garnered attention following reports of her death. Social media users quickly assumed that depression stemming from the mentioned incident prompted her to consider suicide. Tichaona, however, dismissed these claims, clarifying that the video merely recounted a real-life story of someone else and not Violet’s personal experience. He also refuted allegations that they had separated and that they were going through a divorce, asserting that their relationship was intact.

Social Media Erupts with Mixed Reactions

While Violet’s fans and followers are relieved that she is alive. Some social media users have, however, criticized the couple for toying with people’s emotions. Many netizens chastised Violet’s husband for not addressing the situation earlier, arguing that clarification should have been provided as soon as the false death reports began circulating rather than waiting 24 hours

@Esnath Mary Kadiwa

And you were quiet the whole of yesterday???? Because ?🧐😳 Vanhu kuswera ari ma RIP only for you to explain 24hrs later… Eeeeh



@Tete Va Ruzivo;

I don’t know why I’m not believing you. What if it’s really happened and now wakuuya uchitinyepera cos she is no more. Anyways it’s ok. I wish she can be healed auye.ataure ega


@Muchaneta Machipisa;

This is how some people end up concluding that depressed people reaching out are seeking attention. People will find it hard to take mental health issues seriously. Hamunyari🙄🙄