Zimbabwean Man Shot Dead In SA In Front Of Wife And Son

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A Zimbabwean man was reportedly shot dead by armed robbers in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, on Wednesday at around 3.30 pm.


Four unknown men, two of whom had their faces covered, allegedly stormed into Mathew Madukufamba’s (50) home and demanded money.

Madukufamba, who was a welder by profession, handed over his keys to the suspects who then shot him in the presence of his wife and a 21-year-old son.

The son, Michael Nyoka, said he was working outside and had his earphones on. He said:

Two of the suspects went inside the house and the others were with me outside.

They pulled me away and told me to come with them to get the car keys.

They took my cell phone. When we got to the house, they told us to lie down.

I heard gunshots being fired. When I checked, they had shot my father.

After I heard the gunshots, I was trying to go and get help from the neighbours, but the suspects saw me and one of the suspects who had a gun tried to shoot me, but he missed.

He then grabbed me and asked me where I was going. He demanded more money and I gave him the only R300 I had on me.

They also told my mother to give them money and she gave them R400.

The robbers took two flat-screen televisions and cell phones which they loaded into a backup vehicle.

Nyoka said he ran to call his uncle but when they returned, his father had already passed away.

Madukufamba’s brother, Thomas Nyoka, said they suspect the now-deceased knew one of the attackers who had their faces covered, and that is why they killed him. He said:


The suspects did this intentionally. They must have known enough about our family to pull this off.


How can you just barge into a man’s house in broad daylight and do as you please?


This is heart-breaking since he was the oldest in the family.


As things stand, we don’t know where to start picking up the pieces.


We still can’t believe he is gone. We fear for our lives, but all we need to do is to be strong and allow ourselves to heal from what happened.


You can run, but when it’s your time there’s nothing you can do to change that. We want justice now.


Ward councillor Sibongumusa Zuma said they always ask themselves why criminals proceed to kill victims even after the victims have co-operated with them.


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