Zimbabwean Tycoon Abducted in Durban: R2.5 Million Ransom Demanded

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Zimbabwean tycoon Evans Katumba, a prominent fuel trader, was abducted in Durban by armed men wielding AK47s on March 22. A staggering R2.5 million (US$133,000) ransom was demanded for his release, plunging his loved ones and the community into a state of shock and concern.

According to Katumba’s friend, the kidnappers issued strict instructions: the ransom must be delivered by a single individual, and law enforcement must not be involved. Complying with their demands, the money was dropped at an open field near Ballito, approximately 45 minutes from Durban.

Hope flickered momentarily when the kidnappers assured that Katumba would be set free within an hour after receiving the ransom. However, after this communication, silence descended. There have been no further updates or signs of life from Katumba or his captors, leaving his family and friends in agonizing uncertainty.


The abduction of a respected businessman like Katumba underscores the prevalence of criminal activities targeting affluent individuals. The demand for a substantial ransom and the strict instructions highlight the calculated nature of the crime, raising concerns about the safety and security of businesspeople in the region.

As the investigation into Katumba’s disappearance continues, authorities and the public alike remain vigilant, hoping for a breakthrough that will lead to his safe return and the apprehension of those responsible for this heinous act.

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