ZRP Confirm Deportation of Murder Suspect Peter Dube for False Identity Documents

Crimes and Courts

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has officially confirmed the deportation of murder and attempted murder suspect Peter Dube from Mozambique due to falsified national identity and passport documents. A team of ZRP detectives is scheduled to receive him at 1405 hours at Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport.

This development comes amidst ongoing legal proceedings against Dube, who stands accused of murdering his second wife’s suspected lover and her friend in 2021. After fleeing to Ireland, Dube was subsequently deported to Mozambique following revelations that he had misrepresented himself as a Mozambican national.

The case has garnered significant attention due to the nature of the crimes and Dube’s attempts to evade justice by falsely claiming a different nationality. The ZRP’s efforts, alongside international cooperation and legal processes, have led to his deportation back to Zimbabwe to face the charges against him.


This turn of events highlights the complexities of cross-border criminal cases and the importance of robust law enforcement mechanisms to ensure accountability and justice. The ZRP’s diligent investigation and coordination with relevant authorities have culminated in the imminent return of Dube to face the legal consequences of his alleged actions.

–ZNN News