DJ Levels’ Legal Woes Continue: Trial Date Set for Zimdancehall Producer


Zimdancehall producer and wheel spinner DJ Levels is not yet off the hook in a matter involving his ex-girlfriend and signee Shashl.

Although the issue has lost some of its buzz, the Chillspot Records producer, who is currently out on $20,000 bail, is facing charges related to the unauthorized sharing of intimate images.

DJ Levels Trial Date Set



The Herald reports that Harare Magistrate Mr Dennis Mangosi has scheduled DJ Levels’ trial for September 11.


Circumstances are that DJ Levels and Shashl were in a romantic relationship for close to a year, between September 2021 to November of the previous year. Unfortunately, they broke up due to irreconcilable differences.


DJ Levels, desperate to repair their relationship, went after his ex-girlfriend at Pabloz nightclub, a popular spot in Borrowdale, Harare. However, Shashl stood her ground and rejected his attempts.


During the court proceedings, it was revealed that DJ Levels didn’t take the rejection well. He allegedly threatened Shashl, promising unspecified actions and warning her that she would regret her decision.

In her recorded statement to the police, Shashl disclosed that she discovered the explicit videos on social media on November 27, around mid-morning. She firmly believed that DJ Levels was responsible for posting them as an act of revenge, following his earlier threat to tarnish her reputation.

“Then on the 27th of November 2022 at around 10 am that is when I noticed that my nude videos and pictures with the accused person were on social media and I believe that the accused person is the one who posted them to get revenge since he had threatened to tarnish my image,” she said in her recorded statement.

Shashl also mentioned a previous incident in August 2022 when DJ Levels had posted a video of them kissing without her consent. On the same day, he had called her, suggesting that they resolve their issues together, or else he would take his own life. However, she declined his proposal.

“He once did it in August 2022 when he posted a video of us kissing. On the same day, the accused person called me stating that he wanted to see me so that we could fix the issue together, or else he would kill himself, but I turned down his suggestion,” part of her recorded statement reads.