Thief with a black mask breaking into a house and escaping after stealing a lot of money in a backpack

Harare Heist: Seven Masked Armed Robbers Raid Harare Company, Escape with US$71,000

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In a daring nighttime heist, brazen armed robbers raided a company in Mbare, Harare and made off with a staggering US$71,000 in cash and valuables.


The gang of seven armed robbers reportedly targeted an undisclosed company in Workington, Harare on September 28, 2023, at approximately 10:00 PM.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has since confirmed the robbery in a statement on their X account, formerly Twitter.


According to the police statement, the assailants were armed with six pistols and an unidentified rifle.


The armed robbers who were clad in balaclavas swiftly subdued two security guards on duty. They bound them with shoelaces before locking them in a ZESA cabin.

Seven male suspects who were wearing balaclavas, armed with six pistols and one unidentified type of rifle, attacked two security guards who were on duty, tied them with shoelaces and shoved them in a ZESA cabin.


The suspects then ransacked the premises, looting a total of US$71,000. They broke into an office and seized US$1,150 and ZAR4,500 from a drawer. Later, they breached a safe using a grinder and stole US$26,640.


In another office, the culprits successfully cracked open another safe, securing US$44,650, and even made off with a CCTV recorder.

“The suspects broke into one of the offices and stole US$1 150 and ZAR4 500 in the drawer before breaking a safe using a grinder and stealing US$26 640. The suspects got into another office where they break open a safe and stole US$44 650 and a CCTV recorder.”

The police have since launched a thorough investigation into this audacious robbery. They are appealing to the public for any information that may lead to the arrest of the armed robbers.