Mai Titi celebrates 37th birthday behind bars


Recently convicted socialite, singer and comedian Mai Titi, born Felistas Murata, on Sunday celebrated her 37th birthday behind bars at Chikurubi Female Prison.


In a touching message posted on her Instagram account, Mai Titi said the mistake she made in life landed her behind bars, adding that this would not stop her from celebrating her birthday with fellow inmates.

“It’s funny that I made a request two years ago when I visited Chikurubi Female Prison, donating goods to my fellow women in custody. I asked the authorities to grant me a request to spend a night in prison with female inmates because I wanted to see, have a feel, understand how they survived in this uncomfortable place,”

Mai Titi’s message read.


“My request was denied as they told me I could only spend a night in prison if I commit a crime. Two years later, today I am writing this letter from prison because of a mistake I made, which turned to be a crime. Now I can see, feel, experience what it is to be in prison.


In her letter, Mai Titi promised to tell the people all about what she is experiencing while in prison once she gets out.


“I turned 37 years behind bars and I’m going to enjoy with my inmates. I know some of you miss me and I genuinely miss you too. I thank God for taking me this far. Even if I am in a dungeon, I still thank Him,”

the message read.


“Every mistake I made in life is a lesson and, indeed, I am learning and growing. I got loads of stories to tell you when I see you again.”


Mai Titi is doing time in prison for using a hired vehicle as collateral security for a US$10 000 debt.

In the first count, allegations against her were that last September, she misrepresented to the complainant Rachel Mhuka that she wanted US$10 000 for her business venture and would give her a Mercedes-Benz vehicle as surety while aware that the car was not hers.


Mhuka gave her the money.


Mai Titi later retrieved the vehicle from Mhuka saying it did not belong to her and went on to give her another vehicle, an Audi Q5 as surety, which she later swapped with an invalid passport.


The complainant later discovered that the passport was not valid and returned it to Mai Titi, who then gave her back the Audi Q5.


In January this year, police seized the vehicle from complainant saying it belonged to Else Event Car Hire.


In the second count, Mai Titi approached the car rental company, which was represented in court by director Liberty Vazhura, intending to hire an Audi Q5 motor vehicle.


She entered into a lease agreement and undertook to pay US$770 weekly.


Mai Titi failed to make the weekly payments and was ordered to return the vehicle by the complainant, but she became evasive, prompting Vazhura to report the matter to the police.


Investigations were carried out, leading to the recovery of the motor vehicle from Mhuka’s residence.