Bulawayo Woman Murdered For Her “Millions”

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A 39-year-old Bulawayo woman was on Friday sentenced to 25 years in jail over the murder of another woman who disappeared after a night out with friends before being found dead in an abandoned car in August 2022.


ZimLive reported that Musawenkosi Hara denied the murder charge but was convicted after a full trial at the Bulawayo High Court.


Hara reportedly wore a blank stare and appeared not bothered as Justice Christopher Dube-Banda handed down the 25-year jail sentence.


Farai Michael Mutasa, who allegedly strangled Dube, then 36 years old, in the backseat of a car, committed suicide days after the brutal murder.


Allegations were that Hara and Mutasa believed that Dube, who lived in South Africa and was visiting family in Bulawayo, had up to R2 million from an undisclosed deal she concluded in the neighbouring country.

Dube had allegedly informed Hara that she had a lot of money, and Hara in turn informed her boyfriend Mutasa.


The two joined Dube and three other friends on a drinking spree at several nightclubs on 20 August ending at Stunts in the city centre at around 4 AM the next day.


Dube drove the vehicle as they dropped off their friends in Nkulumane, Luveve and Cowdray Park before remaining in the car with Hara and Mutasa.


In her defence, Hara sought to blame the murder on Mutasa, insisting she took no part.


She claimed that sometime after leaving the last of their friends, Dube stopped the car to relieve herself and Mutasa followed her out of the car.


Hara claimed that Mutasa picked up a stone and hit Dube on the head but she did not die.


She said the scuffle was quickly resolved and they continued driving towards the Cowdray Park railway line where Mutasa, who was now driving, parked the vehicle and jumped onto the back seat where he strangled Dube.


Hara and Mutasa then drove off with Dube’s corpse and refuelled the vehicle at Luveve.


They later dumped the car, which was owned by Dube’s brother, in the Emganwini suburb before using public transport back to the city centre where they continued their drinking spree.


It was further alleged that at around 9 AM, the lovebirds visited a friend where they spent the day drinking.


They left at 4 PM but forgot some items they had stolen from Dube, including a satchel which had some personal items. Her family later positively identified the bag.


Hara and Mutasa proceeded to sell Dube’s Samsung S20 phone, with Hara showing her ID to the buyer. They spent the money on beer.


Hara was arrested for an unrelated offence on 22 August and released on 23 August. She fled to Harare.


When the Police discovered Dube’s body on 23 August, Mutasa took his life after recording a suicide voice note for his young sister admitting to his role in the murder.


The court heard that if Dube had the large amount of cash her killers believed she had, she was not carrying it on their night out.


Speaking to journalists outside court, Dube’s aunt said that Mutasa’s family had reached out and paid them 14 cows. She added:


Hara’s family haven’t genuinely engaged us, they just hijacked the Mutasa apology and want to make it a combined one.