Zimbabwe’s Oxman Proves Claims…Gobbles 2kgs Sadza, Overwhelmed By Chicken


THE Oxman, Arnold Zikhali yesterday passed a public test, organised and funded by H-Metro, at a city restaurant which ended up being besieged by curious fans who now have a new hero.

The front page of yesterday’s edition, which was posted on Twitter, attracted 345 000 views.


We challenged the 36-year-old to try and consume 2kgs of sadza and 2.5kgs of chicken, two litres of water and one litre of juice, which he claimed was what he regularly eats during lunchtime.


Even though Zikhali had taken his lunch two hours earlier, he agreed to the public challenge at a Harare restaurant.

To prove this point, H-Metro invited him for lunch where the Editor paid for the meal which consisted of 2kgs of sadza, over 3 kgs of chicken, 2 litres of water, 1 litre of juice.


The H-Metro team did a live recording on our social media platforms which attracted a sizable community.


Zikhali managed to finish his sadza, claiming he even wanted more, but failed to empty the chicken, which was over 2 kgs.


It’s safe to say the chicken he didn’t finish was just about 500g.

“You have seen it, but well ndarakasha 2kgs sadza, as you can see, the chicken was over 2kgs.


“I could not take the milk since, it’s not Dairibord Lacto, but zvimwe zvese ndadya.


“I am happy, because food makes me do my job, without food I cannot function.


“This gives me more fat, more power.


“Soon, I will be pulling four buses. My manager helps me with food and my physical trainer also plays a part.”

Asked about who cooks for him, he said:


“When I am here, I don’t have a wife, I stay with my brother Knowledge Mutambara, they help me.


“Food is okay, even zvichimbonetsa.


“I don’t just eat and go to sleep but I train using kombis.


“I make the drivers move forward while I hold from the back and I use my power to pull the kombis.”

In the evening he eats again.


“In the evening, I am going to take 2kgs of rice and 1 and a half kgs of beef. I wake up around 12am, I take tea and one loaf and I sleep.


“More food, more power, more energy.


“My job is to pull buses, zvitima.


“I want to go and compete with other strongmen outside the country.

“I am engaging some corporates whom we expect to assist us as we look forward to going to Botswana for some competitions.”